• Search. Connect. Advertise.

    Social Media has leveled the playing field by allowing small business to compete with the big guys - without the big advertising and marketing budgets. But, you have to know how to reach the right audience. That’s where we come in. We’ve made it easy for you to search, connect, and advertise with social media account owners, “influencers”, who target specific markets and/or niches. You SEARCH for the influencer that best fits your advertising goals, CONNECT and discuss options via our chat room, hire through a safe transaction environment, ADVERTISE and watch your business grow.


  • List. Connect. Get Paid.

    Do you have 10 thousand, 100 thousand, or more followers? If so, then you are a social media influencer. As the number of people that follow your account grows, the value of what you post, tweet, shout out, snap, etc. grows too.  It takes time and dedication to maintain a following. Wouldn’t you like to see some of that time and dedication turn into a profit? Simply register with us and LIST your account(s). Our platform lets businesses CONNECT with you via a chat room where you negotiate the value of your advertising and GET PAID.


  • “Crowd Influencing is a great platform! Businesses have contacted me for advertising and I have helped them immensely. 10/10!”

    - Patrick


  • “With an audience of more that 10+ million, it is easy to find someone to advertise with! Great job Crowd Influencing! ”

    - Colin