What is an influencer?
An influencer is a social media account owner that has over ten thousand followers on any of the main social media platforms. We call them influencers because they have an audience that is catered to specific interests, resulting in business advertising that can be more effective and targeted.
Crowd Influencing is the premier platform that connects businesses with social media influencers. We take the grunt work out of having to find and locate owners of these big accounts. We also add plenty of safety measures to ensure that everyone has a safe transaction on our site.
It is the business’ responsibility to make sure that the social media account they advertise with is properly focused on their business niche and engagement. It is also important that the content posted is engaging and interesting. Sometimes, spending more money for advertising on a more popular account will pay off in the long run. Ask the influencer directly. Most of the major social media sites can now track post engagement. So please, ask the influencer to provide you with the details such as “website clicks”, “reach”, and “engagement”.
No. Crowd Influencing has put measures in place to assure both parties have a safe transaction. If any contact is made outside of Crowd Influencing, we can no longer guarantee a safe transaction. Please see our Terms of Use.
Crowd Influencing is free for businesses and influencers to sign up. However, when a business chooses to hire an influencer, a fee of 4.75% is appropriated on the business and the influencer. Any transaction under $100.00 USD, a $2.00 service fee will be applied.
If there is a dispute between a business and an influencer, the admin will be notified. The admin will then take all submitted evidence from both parties along with the original contract in order to figure out a proper solution.
On the influencer profiles, you will notice some accounts are "verified" with a badge. This means that we have confirmed their account ownership.
When the "hire" button is hit on an influencer profile, a contract is created. The details of the contract are submitted along with payment. The payment is placed in escrow with Crowd Influencing until both parties agree the job is complete. Once the parties come into agreement, the admin will release the payment to the influencer.